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Exploring the Spectrum of Industrial Design Offered by P5 Designers


P5 Designers provides clients with deep attention to craftsmanship, extensive knowledge of material and manufacturing processes and an in-depth understanding of what it takes to make a product successful and profitable with tangible innovation. Our team members are skilled in form, function, and human factors to accomplish the design intent.

P5 uses real world manufacturable methods to help clients market concepts by merging creativity and price point to take ideas successfully to market.


Product Design:

P5 Designers follows form follows function. We study your unique manufacturing capabilities and begin to solve design challenges based on that first, we then apply human factors and the limitations of the design scope, including budget, to create a truly innovative product that can be developed into production.

Production Prototype Development 

P5 Designers offers in-house, self-sufficient prototyping capabilities, allowing us to control the design process and assure the complete security of your intellectual property.


P5 provides clients with prototypes in actual production materials to discover any necessary modifications prior to production with proven cost effective tooling methods along with classified prototypes that are compliant to Quality System Requirements for Type 1 Medical Devices (21 CFR part 820).

Packaging Design

P5 Designers creates creative solutions to the structural design of your product to protect, preserve, and distribute your product to the consumer, while improving customer satisfaction and the experience of using your product. When possible P5 Designers strives for sustainability. Often times building packaging into the product design itself to put our planet first.

Product Preparation

P5 Designers provides manufacturable geometry and processes to bring your concept to production, while maintaining design intent by use of state-of-the-art CAD software, knowledge of manufacturing processes and materials, and the ability to meld new product and processes while preserving your operational integrity.


Project Management

As a full design and development company, P5 Designers takes clients through the entire process by providing all the resources needed to take your product from concept to research to the specialized environment of your assembly line.

In House Development 

We prioritize both design integrity and efficient product development at P5 Designers. Our in-house capabilities for production prototypes, geometry, and manufacturing cost estimates allow us to provide high-quality services effectively.

Quality & Mitigation Engineering

P5 provides de-risking and verification of design functionality, a vital step to ensure product success.  One way we achieve this is with our in-house production like tools (CNC machines and injection molders) to bring the highest level of reality into de-risking your design.


Bench work models are created to prove out concepts inside our facility through an extensive array of workshops (wood, casting, rapid prototype shop & metal).

Visual Communications

P5 Designers ideation process is conveyed through innovation concept sketches to communicate ideas quickly & effectively.

With the highest level of human factors in mind, P5 Designers uses CAD to bring designs to life with realistic renderings & manufacturable geometry.  

All designs are brought to life in-house with high precision 3-D printed parts for a high-quality look & feel of your product.

Consumer Validations

P5 Designers is in collaboration with MedSimCenter™  (a service line of Market Modelers), a provider of simulated use market and usability testing.


This partnership allows us to provide our clients with a full range of product design and development services from conceptualization through user evaluation.


In addition to our design and development services, we will now be able to provide documented needs assessment, concept exploration, and a full range of formative hands-on UX/HF research by a professional team in appropriate simulated use environments with both professional and consumer users.


P5 Designers is your one-stop-shop for turning your ideas into reality. With our comprehensive services, we can take your project from concept to completion, all under one roof. Let us bring your vision to life.


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