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Designing Out Pre-Analytical Errors and Improve Specimen Quality: The Impact of Accurate Laboratory Results on Patient Care with AMVC (Automated Micro-Venous Collection)

Hemolysis stands as a primary factor affecting the quality of blood samples crucial for furnishing physicians with vital data for medical decisions.  Hemolysis, the rupture of red blood cells, often occurs due to pre-analytical errors such as improper handling or collection techniques during blood sample procurement. This can result in the release of intracellular components, affecting the accuracy of laboratory test results.


Current vacuum tube technology can also cause hemolysis due to excessive suction during blood collection, which ruptures red blood cells and compromises sample integrity. This unnecessary vacuum is needed to extend tube shelf life and meet manufacturing limitations, necessitating the collection of excessive blood volumes. This requires that a minimum of 3.5-4 ml volume be collected to dilute free hemoglobin from the initial shock caused by that excessive vacuum.


To address hemolysis, vacuum tube technology needs to be redesigned to reduce the suction required for sampling. This adjustment would better accommodate fragile veins and pediatric patients, enabling micro collection where current technology falls short. Future blood collection methods should generate vacuum at the point of collection, significantly reducing hemolysis and producing exceptionally clean venous specimens. Creating a gentle vacuum at point of collection also yields more compatibility with blood collection accessories such as IV catheter needless multi access blood control devices.


The AMVC (Automated Micro-Venous Collection) system is designed to reduce hemolysis. The AMVC tube produces a clean micro sample in a closed system, compatible with existing lab equipment. By generating a gentle vacuum with a handheld device, these collection tubes do not require expiration dates.


The AMVC system was developed to eliminate pre-analytical errors, with its handheld device ensuring compliance with CAP regulations throughout the pre-analytical phase.


From a hospital liability perspective, the AMVC System minimizes risks and associated costs. It electronically documents the patient's medical data, capturing all steps and information from the initial sample request through the blood collection process to lab results.


In conclusion, the AMVC (Automated Micro-Venous Collection) system revolutionizes blood sample collection by minimizing pre-analytical errors and hemolysis, thereby ensuring the accuracy of laboratory results. Accurate lab results are pivotal for effective patient care, enabling precise diagnoses and tailored treatments. By integrating the AMVC system, healthcare providers can enhance patient outcomes, reduce hospital liabilities, and streamline the diagnostic process, ultimately setting a new standard for patient care in medical settings.




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