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Exploring the Role and Function of a Traditional Industrial Design Firm

At P5 Designers, we pride ourselves on being a traditional industrial design firm. What does that mean exactly? P5 Designers is an industrial design firm based on the traditional format of the Bauhaus.


What is Bauhaus?


Bauhaus—literally translated to “construction house”—originated as a German school of the arts in the early 20th century. Founded by Walter Gropius, the school eventually morphed into its own modern art movement characterized by its unique approach to architecture and design. The Bauhaus’ focus was to merge design with industry, providing well-designed products for the many.



To Paul Carse, founder of P5 Designers, Bauhaus means, ‘Brining art to the utilitarian. It’s a thought process. A combination of logic and deductive reasoning. Being able to see and feel what is really happening.’


At P5 Designers, form follows function. We study your unique manufacturing capabilities and begin to solve design challenges based on those capabilities, then apply human factors and the limitations of the design scope and budget to create a truly innovative product that can be developed into production.


We streamline the process by building rapid prototypes in our workshops to prove out design principles, explore manufacturing materials, and prepare injection mold production prototypes to drive your clinical studies. We have a great collaboration with MedSimCenter, A top-of-the-line research facility and provider of simulated use market and usability testing.


By keeping all aspects of the design process under one roof we can provide rapid turnaround and confidentiality for your product. We design, prove out concepts, and create production quality prototypes all in one location to effectively deliver your product with integrity.

P5 Designers is a U.S. based, hands-on, multidisciplinary design firm.  We have all the equipment necessary to bring your ideas to life. Just like the traditional Bauhaus style, P5 Designers leverages in-house capabilities to keep all operations under one roof. We have an on-demand team of expert product designers and engineers in every discipline and expertise you need to bring your project from concept to reality.  


Learn more about our product design services:


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