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Blood Samples

How Innovation Impacts the quality of Health Care

Improve patient outcomes with automated blood sampling

Digital Device

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The handheld unit is the central link between the hospital information system and the successful controlled completion of the specimen sampling and ensures regulatory compliance along every step of the way.

The digital nature of the device allows for positive patient identification​, correct orders and specimen requirements from hospital software via automatic download, and is compatible with all current blood collection sets, wing sets, venous access devices, IV lines, luer locks, etc. Thus improving overall hospital workflow. 

Improved Specimen Quality for Testing

The handheld device works with a generic collection tube that minimizes the amount of blood collected, thereby meeting regulatory and medical association mandates.

Precise amounts of additive is introduced to each tube on demand, AMVC's streamlined technology,  gently integrates additive into the sample. Creating a customized point of care sample, appropriate for all patient types including pediatric and geriatric.

Labeled Automatically During Collection

Before the specimen tube is released from the device the sample is labeled with patient information reducing risk liability.

Existing Laboratory Equipment

AMVC specimen samples integrate into existing hospital equipment for analysis for a seamless transition away from standard vacuum tubes.  

Improved Patient Care 

The AMVC System engineers out human errors that result in regulatory compliance failures (avoiding remediation impacts and increased liability), wrong patient results and repeat testing leading to delayed treatments and additional hospital stays. (Estimated U.S. annual cost due to retesting alone- $37 billion)

Federal government has regulatory requirements set up to protect patient safety – if a hospital doesn’t meet those requirements, they risk loosing government funding (Medicare/Medicaid and therefore insurance payments)

AMVC System Overview

AMVC System Overview

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