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  The Future of Blood Collection


Automated Micro Venous Collection

P5 Designers Prepares FDA Approval for Micro Blood Collection Device


P5 Designers is set to revolutionize healthcare with its Automated Micro Venous Collection (AMVC) System, a cutting-edge solution poised to transform blood collection practices. As the company gears up for FDA approval, the AMVC System promises superior micro venous blood samples with enforced compliance, while enhancing patient safety, and reducing liability risks for hospitals and clinics.

AMVC's advanced features and user-friendly design enhance hospital workflows by seamlessly integrating with laboratory systems and utilizing standard blood collection sets for gentle micro-volume venous blood sampling. This patented technology ensures clean, high-quality samples, unlocking new potential for diagnosis, treatment, and patient care. Embracing this advancement enables healthcare providers to elevate standards and empower patients towards healthier lives.


The digital nature of the AMVC system allows for comprehensive documentation of the patient's medical data, capturing every step and detail from sample request to lab results electronically. This ensures a complete audit trail, enhancing transparency and accountability while minimizing errors and discrepancies. Modernizing the entire blood collection process.


Streamlining Blood Collection & Beyond


As the AMVC system advances towards FDA approval, it heralds a new era in medical diagnostics. However, the journey doesn't end there. While the current focus is on achieving regulatory clearance for micro blood collection, future phases of development envision the AMVC system evolving into a multifaceted tool with capabilities beyond blood collection.  One such envisioned application is its potential to serve as a portable blood analyzer at the point of collection, delivering lab-quality diagnostic results in a matter of minutes.  

Future phases of development envision healthcare providers to obtain test results such as complete blood count (CBC), basic metabolic panel (BMP), hepatic function panel (LFT's), magnesium, phosphorus, lactate, and a coagulation panel (PT/PTT/INR), right at the patient's bedside or point of care. This transformative capability not only accelerates the diagnostic process but also enables prompt decision-making and intervention, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

This expansion of AMVC doubling as a portable blood analysis device eliminates the necessity for centralized laboratory processing. Its versatility allows seamless integration into diverse healthcare environments, from rural areas lacking laboratory access to emergency situations demanding rapid response. This accessibility redefines traditional healthcare delivery, bringing advanced diagnostics directly to the patient's bedside, fundamentally altering the landscape of patient care.


As the AMVC architecture progresses toward FDA approval, its potential to revolutionize blood collection practices and diagnostics is clear. With innovative features and versatile capabilities, it is poised to redefine healthcare delivery, prioritizing patient safety, efficiency, and above all, quality. Anticipating the next phase of development, the AMVC system pledges to be a medical game-changer, setting new standards of excellence in blood collection and diagnostics.


P5 Designers LLC. AMVC system advances towards FDA approval.  April 2023   

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