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Beyond Blood Collection

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Is the future of venous blood collection a portable blood analyzer at the point of collection, delivering lab-quality diagnostic results in a matter of minutes?

P5’s patented AMVC technology is gearing up for FDA Approval.  Once our automated micro venous collection architecture is out of development, it is poised to revolutionize the medical field further by leveraging cutting-edge technology in future design phases.

AMVC2023 V3 1.png

After mastering the micro collection process, the AMVC intends to take its portability to the next level. Through meticulous engineering and innovation, P5 Designers aims to streamline the process of venous blood analysis, empowering healthcare professionals with rapid and accurate insights into patients' health conditions. By integrating advanced sensors, AI algorithms, and miniaturized components, our device will deliver unparalleled efficiency and reliability, ultimately enhancing patient care and clinical outcomes. With a commitment to excellence, P5 Designers is shaping the future of healthcare by making diagnostic testing faster, more accessible, and more precise than ever before.


P5 Designers envision a transformative future for venous blood collection. The journey starts at the micro level.  Contact P5 Designers for investor/partner opportunities via the form below. Learn more about our revolutionary venous blood collection system known as AMVC.

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Contact P5 Designers to become a part of our journey and learn more about our revolutionary venous blood collection system known as AMVC.
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